A Life In Colour

I’m still searching for the multi-coloured sneakers I had bought for Kat on her 14th birthday. “I’ll go for a run till the supermarket and see how they fare. I’ll be back in 20 minutes”, she had said, excitedly. This is how she trained for her fledgling track-and-field career.

It’s been four months since she went on her run, but even today, I can hear the sound of the blast in my ears, playing on a loop. Every single day, I drive to the end of the world, where they disposed off the debris from the blast, yet I am unable to find those multi-coloured sneakers.

Is it because Kat is still alive or has all colour in my life disappeared after lowering an empty casket in my daughter’s grave?


13 thoughts on “A Life In Colour”

    1. I’m absolutely serious when I tell you – this is, by far, the biggest compliment I could ever have received for my writing. Writing a novel is my ultimate goal and I’m eager to go ahead and get started; just need that final push.

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      1. You will definitely do a great job. When you are done writing do send me a copy before publishing it, and I mean it. I’d love to be among the first few to read and review the work of upcoming talent. 🙂


  1. Wow! Surely the power packed words of a deep thinker who also keeps up the suspense till the last words! And yet leaves multiple meaningful messages for the reader through the multi-coloured sneakers!

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