Six Word Stories Challenge: Murder

The third edition of Six Word Stories is here! I feel humbled to have been selected as one of the honourary mentions for my previous entry – Six Word Stories Challenge: Passion.

Also, thank you, Ben at A Hopefully Wandering Mind for challenging us every week with your impressive prompts. This week’s prompt was – MURDER. Before you read my entry or those sent in by others, make sure you look at the incredible story posted by the challenge setter, himself, in the post linked above.

                                     Photo Credit – Soul Travel Multimedia

Everyday, he cradles his wife’s murderer.

I couldn’t find the little blue frog code to post here, so click this link for more six word stories from some very talented writers on this week’s theme.


24 thoughts on “Six Word Stories Challenge: Murder”

    1. It depends on whether he truly believes the child is his wife’s murderer. If he were to stop thinking that for just a second, he would realize what he holds in his hands is part of his wife.
      Thank you for your comment 🙂

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  1. I love it that you take these challenges and put a completely new spin on the prompts. Even this post, although I must say that it make me re-think. Can you call a baby a murderer? Isn’t murder intentional? But that’s probably just me being pedantic. Ignore it.

    On another note, though, while it’s great that you’re posting regularly and that your creative juices are being used and replenished by your participation in the 6-word story challenges, I want you to write longer posts because these posts don’t really improve your WRITING, per se.

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    1. Killing with premeditation is murder, yes, but a life lost at the hands of another feels like murder.
      I’ve only just written the last of my tests (lasted two weeks) so I’ve had very little time to sit and write a long post. Now that I’m relatively free over the next couple of months, expect longer, detailed blog posts.

      Thank you for your prompt comment, Gurdit! 🙂

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