The Year of Harry Potter



Over the last couple of years, even with a difficult schedule and multiple stop-starts, I’ve read about 40-50 books, which doesn’t sound too high a number but it’s a number I’m proud of. I thank the creators of e-books and audio books for making reading (listening) so convenient, allowing me to finish an entire book on  a round trip between Pune-Mumbai. I also try my best to make the most of my free time in college; if you know me personally, you’ve probably seen me reading, holding or at least in close proximity to a novel – staring into oblivion, giving off a horrible, do-not-disturb vibe.

When readers and non-readers do take the risk and approach me, mispronouncing the name of the author I’m reading, the first question is:

Who is your favourite author?

Generally, I avoid an answer because I simply haven’t read the right amount or the right kind of artists to comment on who I like best. A few Murakamis, a couple of Coelhos and sprinkling of David Baldaccis, Dan Browns and graphic novels aren’t enough for me to provide one emphatic answer. On rare occasions of irresponsibility and naivety, I’ll let slip that Haruki Murakami is my favourite author, leading to the next question, 9 times out of 10:

Don’t you like Harry Potter?

I’m not ashamed that I haven’t read Harry Potter because it’s not as if I’ve never tried. My generation grew up with Potter, Weasley and Granger, and my sister owned every book in the series (neatly covered in clear film to avoid tear and aging), so it’s obvious I started the series. However, I wasn’t a reader back then, so I gave up a few chapters in. I’ve only gotten into reading recently, so I feel like I’ve missed out on growing with three extra best friends – at least that’s what it felt like during the release of Fantastic Beasts. Hoards of people stood in queues, wearing their House scarves and their capes for tickets to a movie that had nothing to do with Harry Potter except that it takes place in the same universe decades in the past.

It was then, as I stood alongside an equally excited, crazy Potterhead that I realized now was the time (even though 10-12 years too late) to read Harry Potter. So, to start off the year 2017, I have decided to read one book from the Harry Potter series every month – calling it the Year of Harry Potter. With 7 books in the main series and a few extra accessories, it should be a magic filled 2017!

January has come and gone and I have read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (Considering I had read most of it in the past, it wasn’t too difficult to breeze through an e-version). Now, with physical copies of Books 2-7 in front of me, I felt a blog post was in order to truly celebrate the #YearofHarryPotter.


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