Hello, faithful reader!

Most of those who stumbled upon this blog, read some of the posts, liked a couple of them and moved onto the next one on the list, but not you. You’re not like everyone, are you? You devoured each and every post you could find, you saw this random About page hanging around and you just had to click it too; I like your hunger. You’re already my favourite reader! Now, together, let’s get straight into it:

I’m Akash, 22, and I love the art of writing! I can sit in the same place for hours writing something I truly want to but on most occasions, my posts take no more than half an hour from start to finish. I have written on various platforms in the past: shared blogs, sports websites, poem collaborations but have I ever had a successful blog? Never. Personal blogging, with dozens of people reading and commenting on your work, is difficult. It’s not about the number of readers for me though; it’s about the process of writing. As long as I get my word out there, whether it’s reaching 10 people or 10,000, is insignificant. (No, no! This shouldn’t stop you from sharing my work at all. Forget I ever said this!)

The direction I want the blog to move in is clear: sharing my stories, contributing to competitions (fiction, flash fiction, micro fiction), reviewing books and movies and writing about my travel experiences. The aim is to write efficiently and regularly, have certain days allocated for certain topics – reviews on Mondays, 101s on Wednesday – but more often than not, there’ll be a kind of irregularity and lack of direction that’ll drive you, the reader, insane.

Hope you guys enjoy reading my blog and get inspired to write your own. If you don’t want to start your own blog but have just that one post you know the world needs to see, I can arrange that – all you have to do is ask me.

If there is something you wish to ask about that or anything else, do not hesitate to leave a comment below or tweet me at @Afrodoe (My e-mail and Facebook are off-limits to you for now, but we’ll get there).

Thank you for your time,



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To me, writing comes naturally; writing sense is a challenge.

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