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Three Line Tales – Bridge of Love


I was very lucky that I stumbled upon Sonya’s Three Line Tales the moment I got onto WordPress. I had this odd feeling I wasn’t going to get any writing done today until I saw this photo prompt attached to a tiny little update post. Suddenly, in a matter of seconds, the entire scene played itself in my head. I could see the characters on that bridge in a made-up town in a made-up country living their entire lives, giving me the responsibility to write their story. This is why I love writing!

The Bridge of Love



It was here that we first met; it was here that our eyes, our minds, our souls – everything –  merged into one.

It wasn’t here.

The moment your breath filled my lungs and my heart pumped your blood, it wasn’t here; we weren’t here; we weren’t anywhere and we were everywhere.


FFfAW Halloween Special – Skeletal Express

This post is in response to Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers’ challenge #37.

The sound of children laughing, going door-to-door, woke her. She had fallen asleep on her sofa in the middle of the day, watching the original Dracula – yet another reminder of today’s holiday.

Her doorbell didn’t ring at all; the chocolates lay in the bowl, untouched. Hers had been the only house to be bare: no pumpkins, no vampires.

She had stopped celebrating Halloween when the skeletons in her closet felt more real than the ones on the street.

The last line was meant to be a micro-fiction story and a sample piece (an audition) that I sent to a moderately famous Indian Facebook page that has been looking for flash fiction writers. When I saw this week’s photo prompt, I had two ideas: I immediately rejected the first one, on seeing Priceless Joy’s submission – which was better than anything I could’ve written on the topic, and this was the second. I’m very happy that I chose this option. Hope you enjoyed my story!

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Friday Fictioneers – Bringing Her Back

Every Friday, Rochelle Wisoff-Fields gives us, Friday Fictioneers, a prompt and we have roughly a 100 words to write the best story possible using this prompt. This week’s photo is below:

Bringing Her Back

“I used to live here?”

“Yes, darling. This is where your house used to be.”

“But…but..there’s nothing here”.

For the first time since the Tsunami in 2004, Joy was back in Sri Lanka. My wife and I had argued about whether our 18-year old was ready to visit her birthplace.

“It’s going to break her! You’re going to break her!”, she had protested as I confirmed our tickets.

As Joy looked at the nothingness in front of her and, then, back at me, there was a look in her eyes I had never seen before. I feared my wife was right.

“Thank you for bringing me here, dad”, she smiled and held my hand. All I could do was smile back; it was the first time she had called me dad.

What could’ve broken her, fixed a part of my daughter, gave her closure.

Went a bit above and beyond the 100 word limit (at 143) this week but I believed the story deserved a little more detail. For those that aren’t aware of the Tsunami that hit the Indian Ocean 11 years ago, here is the Wikipedia page.

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Special thanks to Dale Rogerson for an excellent photo prompt.

Six Words Stories Challenge: Purgatory

Theme: Purgatory

“Speak now or …”

She wasn’t invited.

This is slowly becoming one of my favourite challenges – Ben at A Hopelessly Wandering Mind gives us only one word as a prompt every week, and the participants have only six words to write their own story. This week’s theme is Purgatory.

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Hope you enjoy 🙂

Six Word Stories Challenge: Murder

The third edition of Six Word Stories is here! I feel humbled to have been selected as one of the honourary mentions for my previous entry – Six Word Stories Challenge: Passion.

Also, thank you, Ben at A Hopefully Wandering Mind for challenging us every week with your impressive prompts. This week’s prompt was – MURDER. Before you read my entry or those sent in by others, make sure you look at the incredible story posted by the challenge setter, himself, in the post linked above.

                                     Photo Credit – Soul Travel Multimedia

Everyday, he cradles his wife’s murderer.

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FFfAW: Standstill

This post is in response to Priceless Joy‘s challenge in Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. Priceless Joy’s personal blog is awesome and you should definitely check it out – it’s full of excellent responses to challenges/prompts.

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Photo Credits – Dawn M. Miller

Word Count: 155

“Is that the wreckage from our accident? After all these days, they haven’t cleared it up?”

“If you really concentrate, you can still smell the rubber from our tyres.”

“Surely that’s a trick! Did you put someone up to this, Jay? This is freaking me out.”

“How many people do you think I communicate with everyday, to conspire with?”

“Then, seriously, tell me – why do I still smell burning rubber?”

“Let me fill you in on a little secret: When you die, the world stops, for you; everyone else’s life continues. You still see and smell everything from your last day alive; while in reality, there are cars driving up and down this very bridge right now. If it wasn’t for the big hole in the sidewall our car left behind, it would be as if the accident never happened.”

“Wait a minute… How do you know so much about all this?”

“It’s not my first time!”

Six Word Stories Challenge: Loss


 Disease took away hope; gave love.

This post is in response to a challenge set by Ben at A Hopelessly Wandering Mind for bloggers to write the best possible story in six words on this week’s theme – loss. This is an amazing challenge and I hope I have done it justice with my entry.

I urge the readers to check out the blog linked above, as it has a collection of beautiful six word stories and other interesting blog posts.