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FFfAW – The First Walk



Today is like any other; I feel isolated and scared – life goes on.

I often travel to the city’s most populated spots, hoping to find comfort being part of the crowd. The crowd rejects me. They realize the fraud that I am and I am shunned, pushed aside, left feeling alone and hollow – life goes on.

I am on the beach today; the family with their three kids, the teenagers and their game of football have moved across the sea just to keep me away. I want to be a part of their day, I want them to be part of mine but a body of water separates us. I feel betrayed – life goes on.

I step towards the water; the sand moves away, they don’t want me close. I continue moving forward and the water parts. Am I untouchable?

I walk forward on the path now uncovered; the teenagers wave at me, the family has saved me a spot. I feel accepted and happy – life goes on.


Word Count: 170

Thank you, Priceless Joy and Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers for the prompt. For other stories, hit the blue frog below!


FFfAW Halloween Special – Skeletal Express

This post is in response to Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers’ challenge #37.

The sound of children laughing, going door-to-door, woke her. She had fallen asleep on her sofa in the middle of the day, watching the original Dracula – yet another reminder of today’s holiday.

Her doorbell didn’t ring at all; the chocolates lay in the bowl, untouched. Hers had been the only house to be bare: no pumpkins, no vampires.

She had stopped celebrating Halloween when the skeletons in her closet felt more real than the ones on the street.

The last line was meant to be a micro-fiction story and a sample piece (an audition) that I sent to a moderately famous Indian Facebook page that has been looking for flash fiction writers. When I saw this week’s photo prompt, I had two ideas: I immediately rejected the first one, on seeing Priceless Joy’s submission – which was better than anything I could’ve written on the topic, and this was the second. I’m very happy that I chose this option. Hope you enjoyed my story!

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Viral Fever

stressed-man Viral fever

He saw them on their phones: scrolling; typing; listening to songs; feeding imaginary fish.

He had lived the same days as them, yet his experiences had sucked him dry, isolated him. No – he couldn’t pose for selfies, he couldn’t even smile for family photographs. He wouldn’t share his food details on Instagram; he could hardly convince himself to eat.

There was so much hate and anger and sorrow within him that wanted to burst out, but he had no one he could turn to. All he saw were petitions and rants and blogs and vlogs but how were they going to help him? He needed a person to look at him and tell him to continue on his path, even when he found himself in the darkest corners of his mind – scared and helpless – but the concept of eye contact and help had died a few years ago. All he got were thumbs and more thumbs jumping at him, urging him forward – a dozen, a hundred – but as he looked beyond the mountain of these blue thumbs, he saw no one. He was fighting the demons inside him all alone, while his peers were fighting with their gaming clans, saving princesses from fictional trolls.

He took a pen, surprised that he still remembered how to use one. He wrote:

I am not from this earth. I do not understand her. I do not care for her the same way she does not care for me. Her other children seem to perfectly fit their roles while I — struggle. She isn’t the mother I remember; is it that I am her black sheep or am I not a sheep at all?

He continued to write until his fingers started to bleed. He walked and he walked until he reached the bridge and he walked some more, until there was no earth under his feet. A month later, a neighbour discovered his letter and noticed the lack of life around it.

It went viral.

Friday Fictioneers – Looking For Fish

Rochelle Wisoff-Fields-Addicted to Purple‘s weekly prompt had me excited as soon as I came across it a couple of days. Unfortunately, I couldn’t send in my entry for the previous prompt, so I stepped up my game and decided to send one in for this week’s prompt as early as I could. I had a 100 words to tell a story inspired by the photograph you see below.

Hope you like it!

Photo Prompt – © C.E.Ayr

Looking For Fish

Word Count: 100

Let’s go meet the fish, daddy”, she mumbled.

The structure she had been in, shed its skin and turned a bright blue; fallen bricks turned to dust, then water; lifeless bodies turned to whales, sharks, little fish she couldn’t name; people’s desperate screams formed the cage, as she continued her descent – more and more fish swimming around.

With tears rolling down her cheek and joining the water, she saw her father opening the cage door. She leapt, clinging onto his arm, just like she had on their previous fishing trips.

Together, they swam into the darkness of the ocean.